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Kim Vanderwood of KV Equestrian grew up in San Diego and has been a familiar face in the show ring since she was young. With a passion and talent for young horses she landed a job at a highly respected breeding farm in Rancho Santa Fe. It was there she successfully brought along breeding stallions and numerous young horses which competed in the IHF ( International Hunter Futurity) program as yearlings, 2, 3 and 4 year olds.

After moving forward from the breeding, she filled the position of assistant trainer at a top hunter/jumper/equitation "A" level show barn in Del Mar. It was there she discovered another passion, teaching amateurs. She believes in "less is more" and both horse and rider should finish each ride on a positive note and that safety and having fun ensures consistency and longevity in a horse and rider.

Kim is very knowledgeable in the overall care, nutrition and maintenance of the horses as she takes pride in her "boutique" like training business. Besides the horses, she has a hobby of physical fitness, which gives her an edge in teaching rider position awareness which maximizes the rider/horse response. KV Equestrian offers a full training, full care program geared towards show horses at the "A" and "C" level show circuit.

Services / Pricing 2016

Show Fees
Misc Fees
Care / Grooming Fees

Full- $800.00 Tuesday-Saturday, includes a combination of lessons and professional rides. No mid month changes.

Half- $500 includes a combination of lessons and professional rides 3 times a week. No mid month changes.

Individual ride- $50 Individual lesson- $65

Show Fees

Day fee- $65 starts on the day your horse arrives until the day your horse leaves.

Set up fee- $50 per show. Covers set up and tear down of awning, curtains etc...

Grooming- $60 a day. Tip not mandatory but highly encouraged. (May vary depending on show)

Supplies fee- $40 per show. Includes al grooming equipment, polos, pads, ear plugs etc...

**Trainer/communal expenses will apply to horse shows out of the area and will be split between # of horses.

**Should you cancel a commitment to attend a horse show after closing date of entries without a vet cert or medical reason , you will still be responsible for your portion of the show and trainer splits.

**Check made payable to horse show for stall/deposit fees

**Check made payable to horse show for entries (left open)

**Check for braiding if needed (left open)

Misc Fees

Purchase/Sales/Lease of horse: 10% commission (minimum commission is $1000.00, initial $500.00 fee charged as process of finding a horse begins, will be put towards final commission)

Care/Grooming fees

Full - $600 per month- Tuesday thru Saturday full tack up/untack service. Includes two turnouts a week and walker 6 days a week(Monday-Saturday). Includes blanketing, basic clipping, laundry, tack cleaning and supplement feeding. Additional turnouts available at $10 per turnout.

Partial - $500 per month- Tuesday thru Saturday. 3 days of tack up/untack. Includes two turnouts a week and walker 6 days(Monday-Saturday). Includes blanketing, basic clipping, laundry, tack cleaning and supplement feeding. Additional turnouts available at $10 per turnout.

Basic - $400 per month- 6 days a week walker. One turnout a week. Includes blanketing, basic clipping/grooming and supplement feeding. Tack up service available at $25 per ride. Lunge service available at $20 per lunge. Additional turnouts available at $10 per turnout. Laundry of blankets available at an additional cost. Administering of shots at $15.

Body clip

$150 - $200 clipping requested upon trainers discretion. If medication is required it will be billed accordingly.

Supplies (mandatory)

$50 - includes brushes, fly spray, show sheen, alcohol, various shampoos, vetrolin linament , hoof dressing, sponges, vacuum, polos, front boots, hind boots, bell boots, ear plugs, poultice, furacin, betadine, hoof packing, towels, wound care (gauze, vet wrap, cotton wool, misc ointments) duct tape, laundry room detergent, quilted pads, tack cleaner, tack oil, etc... Anything extra will be billed to customer/supplied by customer. All tack, bandages and blankets, customers need to supply.


$75 - $150 - Ultium, beet pulp and orchard pellets offered. Twice a day feeding is offered. Includes electrolytes. All feed tubs, monthly meds, joint supplement, vitamin mineral etc... to be supplied by owner. I do offer Platinum Performance at $30 per month.

** ALL FEES DUE ON THE FIRST(invoices issued) ** payable to Kim Green


Fairbanks riding club is nestled into the beautiful fairbanks ranch community. The facility is perfectly manicured, rodent free and attended to daily which makes for a serene setting with luscious hand grazing grass, green trees and immaculate common barn areas. Barn stalls and the breezeway of pipe corals are cushioned with custom mats, adequate bedding, twice a day cleaning and hay fed three times a day with hung water buckets cleaned and replenished daily. Ceiling fans line the roof of the pipe corral breezeway and barn stalls as well as an automatic fly system in the barn plus ultimate fly control units throughout the pipe corral breezeway. Fairbanks has superb footing in there comfortably sized arenas which is manicured daily and professionally amended twice a year. We have 3 dirt turnouts, 2 round pens, hot and cold water wash racks and a eurocizer. This private environment is very secure, night watchman lives above the barn, a thorough lockdown and end of day horse/stall check at 6 pm daily.

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